15 October 2018
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MCC releases 2018 scorecards

Written by  Daniel Namwini
Nkula A Falls Power Station is undergoing modernization as part of the compact - File Photo Nkula A Falls Power Station is undergoing modernization as part of the compact - File Photo

Lilongwe, November 6, 2017: The U.S Government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) on November 2, 2017 released their 2018 scorecards with Malawi continuing to pass MCC’s requirement of passing half of the 20 indicators overall, including control of corruption.

According to a press released by the Embassy of the United States of America, MCC’s scorecards comprise 20 indicators which measure policy performance in areas of economic freedom, investing in people, and ruling fairly

The scorecards are produced for all low and lower-middle income countries.

MCC’s Board of Directors use scorecard performance as one consideration in its decision-making when selecting country partners at its annual country selection meeting each December.

“MCC and the government of Malawi signed a 350.7 million US dollars [K257.7 billion] compact in 2011 to revitalize the country’s power sector. This compact will end in September 2018,” stated the press release.

The statement further says that the MCC compact, implemented by the Government of Malawi via the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA), is designed to increase the capacity and stability of Malawi’s national electricity grid.

It is also aimed at bolstering the efficiency and sustainability of hydropower generation and prepare for future expansion by strengthening the power sector, institutions, regulation and governance.

MCC collaborate with project partners such as the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM), the Electricity Generation Company (EGENCO), Ministry of Natural Resource, Energy and Mining and the Malawian Regulatory Energy Authority (MERA).

“The main aim is to reduce poverty by modernizing Malawi’s power sector and improving the availability, reliability, and quality of the power supply,” says the statement.

According to the press release, Malawi’s MCC compact remains largely on track to complete all major works prior to compact completion in September, 2018.

MCC investments, the press release says, will require continued commitment of the Government of Malawi and project partners to achieve power sector reform goals.

These goals include electricity tariff and policy environment that allow the power institutions to cover the cost of producing electricity, expanding and maintaining the electricity grid and encouraging the private sector investment in power generation.

The publication of scorecards underscores MCC’s commitment to transparency, which is integral to the institution’s model and a key component of enhancing U.S. foreign assistance effectiveness and ensuring accountability for U.S. taxpayer resources, according to the news release.

The scorecards are available online at https://ww.mcc.gov/who-we-fund/scorecard; they use indicators developed by independent third-party sources and provide an objective basis for comparison of the policy performance of all candidate countries.


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