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Mangochi Masaf 4, cycle four rolls out

Written by  Marvelous Zinga
Every worker will get a total wage of K14, 400.00 at the end of the cycle Every worker will get a total wage of K14, 400.00 at the end of the cycle

Mangochi November 5, 2017: Mangochi District Council embarked on beneficiary verification exercise from Wednesday to Friday in all the district’s 29 catchment areas ahead of MASAF cycle 4 of public works set to commence soon. 

Local Development Fund (LDF) Projects Officer for Mangochi District Council, Phillip Chidawati said in an interview Sunday that 13 teams had been sent to verify names and identities of beneficiaries across the district to avoid ghost beneficiaries.

He said past experience had necessitated the beneficiary assessment exercise as during the supervision of the past MASAF 4 project either some names of beneficiaries had no faces to represent them on the ground or some beneficiaries’ names were missing on the list.

''To avoid ghost beneficiaries we identify and verify the names on the list against the actual beneficiaries on the ground and where some beneficiaries are away or died, and we facilitated replacement,'' Projects Officer explained.

Chidawati pointed out that the beneficiaries are identified using voter registration card or any acceptable identification document and that the same identification process is used during payment of wages at the end of the public works.

He said beneficiaries were urged to take the verification seriously “because any mistake that is done during the registration and verification affects the smoothness of the project especially during payment of wages”.

A similar exercise during the previous circle helped the Mangochi District Council to save K10 million after ghost beneficiaries were flushed out through verification and identification of beneficiaries.

Over 20,261 beneficiaries are targeted in the MASAF 4 cycle 4 which has 29 catchment areas and 173 projects among them irrigation, afforestation, soil and water conservation and roads rehabilitation.

The beneficiaries will work in the public works projects for 24 days at a wage of K 600.00 per day making a total wage of K14, 400.00 per worker at the end of the cycle.


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