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Thursday, 12 October 2017 11:30

Female IT expert dares girls to stay focused

Written by  James Mwale

Lilongwe, October 12, 2017: Malawi's female Information Technology (IT) consultant and the country's first woman to provide commercial email services, Thandekile Bvundula, Wednesday delivered a motivation talk to young girls in Lilongwe where she challenged them to be persistent and focused towards their goals.

She delivered the talk during a Girl Up awareness campaign which was organised by mHub, a group of young Malawian IT enthusiasts who joined hands to push for technological innovations.

The awareness campaign was organised in partial commemoration of the International Day of the Girl Child under mHub's Girl for Code Initiative where girls in Lilongwe locations gather at mHub offices to be drilled and inspired in IT innovations for entrepreneurship.

In her speech, Bvundula, who gained recognition in IT skills in the early to mid 90s, dared the girls to master their subject of passion saying; "No one can challenge you if you know your subject, and whatever you choose to do, always make sure you do it right."

She went on to underscore the importance of persistence, saying she struggled through racial odds, being the only black woman in her engineering class in England, and later persisted through gender odds in a male dominated set up back in Malawi in her efforts to get herself established.

"I started my company, Epsilon and Omega in 1990, providing computer services, consultancy and training, and I did it at a time when the country had only one radio station, one newspaper, and no local television station; and getting people to appreciate our services was a struggle," she explained.

She further explained that her company was the first to provide commercial email services in the years 1994 to 1995, and had clients in 13 districts, with the University of Malawi providing non commercial email services.

Among her achievements, Bvundula currently manages ICT4D consultancy.

Also lined up during the awareness campaign was a presentation on girls’ empowerment and how they can survive abuse.


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