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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 12:44

Infrastructure development a motivation to workers

Written by  Chimwemwe Njoloma

Lilongwe, September 13, 2017: The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development says infrastructure development is one way of motivating workers especially those operating from hard-to-reach areas.

Spokesperson for the Ministry, Muhlabase Mughogho said this is why government has committed to developing rural sectors by championing infrastructure development in market places schools and police stations to ensure that they have better infrastructure.

She said Mangochi is one of the districts that has seen the light in such a project after government allocated the sum of MK155 Million in the last financial year to help in the infrastructure development.

“Government through our ministry is geared to seeing rural sectors developing as we improve people’s livelihood both in urban and rural areas and help government sectors effectively execute their duties.

“Not only for the sake of development but also as one way of motivating staff members in the designated areas to feel counted and considered so that they work hard in their sectors,” said Mughogho.

Mughogho pointed out that the project has been a success because it also involves the community’s participation and that this has yielded positive results.

Commenting on the issue, Mangochi District Commissioner, Rev Moses Chimphepo commended government for the development saying this indeed would motivate workers in different sectors to work hard.

He said the Malawi Police Service (MPS) is one of the sectors that has benefitted from the project with several houses in different stations being constructed and this includes Katuli station where two houses have been built and now in operational all under the District Development Fund (DDF).

“Selection of developmental activities to be undertaken is done at the council level where the district development committee selects the kind of development to be undertaken.

“This time around the committee saw the need for revamping infrastructure development in Katuli area where Police officers were renting houses that were in bad shape. This is a motivating factor considering that security is very vital in our lives. This will motivate them to work hard and serve the communities sincerely having in mind that it is the community’s initiative,” said Chimphepo.

He said through the DDF, the Monkey-Bay market has also benefitted where 40 kiosks within the area have been constructed to improve sanitation.

According to Chimphepo, apart from the markets and police stations, the project has also benefitted schools in Mangochi. He said school blocks have been constructed to ease congestion in classes but also provide shelter to those that were learning under trees.

“Schools like Mbonechela and Chilipa have also benefitted in the project. These are the projects that will touch a lot of lives at the same time encourage children to go to school since they will be sure that they will be learning in secured places.

“This will also motivate teachers who are being accommodated in secured places and in return they will be committed in their field,” he said.

Chimphepo commended all the communities where these developments are taking place. He highlighted that they have been so committed towards the cause such that it was easy for some projects to be completed within three months

He urged other councils to emulate what Mangochi is doing and help ease housing challenges both in schools and police stations.

He said each house cost them MK12 million which he said other councils could also make it.


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