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Wednesday, 18 February 2015 11:53

Nsanje flood survivors starving, go three days without food

Written by  Martin Chiwanda

Villagers evacuating to a camp - File Photo

Nsanje, February 18: Flood survivors in some camps in Nsanje have gone for three days without food, and have since sounded a Save Our Souls-SOS message to all well wishers  to help them with food supplies.

This came to light as officials from Malawi Carer's toured some of the district’s camps on Tuesday to appreciate challenges survivors were facing.

For instance, at Bitilinyu camp in the area of Traditional Authority Ndamera which has more than 6000 people, the last food supplies were made on Sunday, February 15.

And during discussions, the Bitilinyu camp flood survivors said they normally received one kilogram of flour per family and got their last portion on Sunday.

“We are starving and possibly can die as we have spent three days without food. Three days ago we were given 1 kilogram of flour which was meant for a day as it had been the case previously. Now, nothing has been given to us up to date,” they explained.

Camp management Committee Secretary Yowasi Bizeki said they had sent several reminders to the district assembly on their plight but there was no response.

“It is true that flour at the camp lasted on Sunday and people have not been eating for three days now. As camp management, we have tried to appeal for the support but nothing concrete is coming up,” said Bizeki.

Malawi Carer Programs Manager Paul Kachusa appealed for urgent support especially maize flour to alleviate the problem.

“Let me ask the authorities such as World Food Programme, District Council and other stakeholders to provide instant food support to the people who are at the camps to avoid deaths,” said Kachusa.

Assistant District Disaster Risk Management Officer Humphrey Magalasi conceded the problem. He said the shortage had hit camps such as Bitilinyu and Marka in Nsanje south and some camps in the East Bank.

“It is true that some camps have run out of food supplies. This has been the case because the district has had no food supplies for the past two days. However efforts are being made to address the problem.

“For example Goal Malawi will distribute World Food Program (WFP) relief food in all the camps including those that have been critically hit by food shortage,” he assured.

Magalasi however appealed for more food supplies from well wisher to address the problem.

Nsanje District has 60,000 flood survivors in 18 camps.


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