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Monday, 21 January 2019 05:53

Benga Investment donates assorted items to police

Written by  Daniel Namwini
Chimala (left) carrying a reflective vesit with Nkhoma on centre receiving the donation as other police officers look on it. Chimala (left) carrying a reflective vesit with Nkhoma on centre receiving the donation as other police officers look on it. pic by Daniel Namwini

Lilongwe, January 21, 2019: As one way of strengthening the relationship with police, Benga investment on Thursday donated 50 reflective vests and a mobile phone to Lingadzi Police Station in Lilongwe.

During the donation at the police station, Benga Investment Managing Director, Eleanor Kwachye said the police did not have adequate reflective vests so the organisation decided to assist them with the garments to reduce the challenge.

He added the donation also was a token of appreciation for the security services that police render to Benga Investment and the public.

“The responsibility of helping them should not only come from government but also those who have the ability to assist,” Kwachye said.

Kwachye said the mobile phone given to the police would simplify their communication with other officers in the event that something occurs and that reflectors would assist them during the night.

In his remarks, Community Policing Coordinator in Lilongwe, Inspector Rashid Chimala thanked the company for its kind and timely gesture and the company to do the same to other surrounding police stations.

“We request the company to assist other police stations within and outside the city with the same assorted items to reduce similar challenges we are facing in as far as community policing is concerned,” he said.

Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police, Brenda Nkhoma, thanked the management of Benga Investment for its support and asked continued assistance to the police for them to serve better.

She also pleaded with other stakeholders to emulate the good gesture demonstrated by Benga Investment.

To show more commitment to its partnership with the police, Benga Investment assured the law enforcers of more support to Kawale and Lilongwe police stations before reaching out to other police stations.


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