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NCIC for environmentally-friendly materials in construction works

Written by  Type Mbewe
Cement blocks which are recommended in construction - Pic by Type Mbewe Cement blocks which are recommended in construction - Pic by Type Mbewe

Mzuzu, October 18, 2018: The National Construction Industry Company (NCIC) says it is pleased to note that most companies and individuals in the construction industry have responded to its call for them to be using environmentally friendly construction materials. 

NCIC Corporate Affairs Officer, Lyford Gideon, told Malawi News Agency on Wednesday that the use of sustainable construction materials such as cement brocks can contribute towards environmental conservation.

Lyford Gideon said the use of cement brocks instead of mud bricks which need a lot fuel wood to be cured, will help to conserve trees.

“We encourage people to use what we call sustainable materials in the construction industry to conserve the environment. For instance, people should start using cement blocks instead of traditional bricks as this development can curb deforestation,” said Gideon.

He said the first people to be sensitized on the issue were individual contractors and construction companies and expressed hope that members of the general public will follow suit considering the long-term positive impact of the concept on people’s livelihoods and environment.

He said NCIC will scale-up its efforts in sensitizing people on the importance of using sustainable construction materials.

Commenting on the matter, Director of Parks, Leisure and Environment for Mzuzu City Council, Godwin Pondelani thanked government through NCIC for the initiative which he said would go a long way in conserving the remaining trees and the environment in general.

“This initiative will go a long way in conserving forests and promoting regeneration of the depleted natural tree species.

“As Mzuzu City Council, we will soon start ensuring that buildings within the city are constructed with cement brocks,” said Pondelani.


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