20 October 2018
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As our first “opinion and analysis”, we feature, verbatim, what the Chief Secretary to the Government, Mr Bright Msaka, SC, said to Principal Secretaries and Heads of Government related institutions on 17th July 2012 at the Office of the President and Cabinet. We think there is very rich analysis of our situation as a country and subtle opinions on what the Civil Service ought to do moving forward.

“Colleagues, we have a new government, new vision, fresh agenda, quickened pace and a new modus operandi. The change of government must be viewed by the Public Service as an opportunity to raise the bar of excellence in serving our nation. We must quickly reorient ourselves to the new vision, the fresh agenda, the quickened pace and the new modus operandi.

The President and Cabinet want to do more for the people; they want to do better for the people. There is hope and expectation among the people. We, the Public Service are the only tool that this nation has for the realization of this new hope, this heightened expectation. We must rise to the occasion. We must meet this new challenge. That is why we are here today.

Someone accused the President of criticizing the Civil Service as being ineffective and inefficient. The President did not say that. The President was rallying us, her troops, to run with her. To embrace her vision. Not to drag our feet. We are hard working. We are committed. We are patriotic. We are dedicated. I know this. Take the UNDP Human Development Index. We have been gradually rising, surpassing most of our neighbours. That is a sign of progress>And that progress has happened on the shoulders of this Civil Service. But anything that is good can be made better. There is always scope for improvement. Anyone who decides not to improve has decided to die. That is what the President meant.

Her Excellency the President has asked me to convey to you all her gratitude and appreciation for your support and dedication during her first 100 days. Her Excellency looks forward to your continued support and dedication in the months and years to come.

I thank you for your kind attention.”

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