21 September 2018
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Nsanje, October 2, 2014, Mana: In an effort to reduce the high school dropout rate amongst girls in Nsanje, Women’s Legal Resources Centre (WOLREC) has created a network of female teachers aimed at inspiring girls to stay in school.

WOLREC Gender Equality and Women Empowerment (GEWE) coordinator Evance Mathewe in Nsanje says lack of female role models in the district is one of the main causes of the current high rate of girl dropout in schools.

“We feel like if we can incorporate females teachers to address the challenges faced by the girl child, many girls will be inspired to stay and finish school.

“We noted that in areas where there are no female teachers, lack of role models is one of the major aspects affecting the education of the girl child so by bringing role models to motivate them we hope to inspire them to work hard.

He noted that even in schools where there are female teachers, they will act as mentors and counsel them to work hard and finish their education.

Mathewe believes the approach, using female teachers to motivate girls, is a step in the right direction saying in the past they used to use mother groups to motivate girls but the approach was faced with many challenges.

Mathewe backed the use of female teachers in the district arguing they can relate to the problems girls face in the district.

“Since these female teachers were once children learning at some point in the district and had to deal with the same problems girls are facing today but managed to overcame them, they could be better placed to motivate the girls since they are conversant with the challenges and how to address them.”

Lilongwe, September 17, 2014, Mana:  Minister of Information, Tourism and Culture Kondwani Nakhumwa has stressed the need for the media fraternity in the Republic of Tanzania to jointly work together with their Malawian counterparts towards the promotion of the Tourism industry in both countries.

Nankhumwa said this on Wednesday at the Department of Tourism in Lilongwe when he addressed members of Mbeya Press Club of Tanzania who are in the country on an education visit facilitated by Nyika Press Club of Mzuzu.

The Information Minister said he was delighted to note that the two press clubs have gone further by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that aims at working towards achieving a common goal in the field of HIV/AIDS, Tourism and Environment.

“I personally on behalf of the Malawi Government do not take your visit for granted realizing that apart from having interworking relationships and as bordering nations we have a lot of common interests that both countries share, there are a lot of Tanzanians plying their trade in Malawi which is a similar scenario in as far as our country is also concerned,” said Nankhumwa.

Commending the two clubs for their cordial partnership in working towards the same goal, while on the other hand sharing best practices and experiences, Hon Nankhumwa pointed out the importance of press clubs in the country.

He said press clubs are vital tool in the sense that they act as pillars to the development of quality messages in the field of civic education.

The Minister further said that press clubs are also important entities where different members from various media houses including freelancers meet under one banner to discuss important issues pertaining to their profession as well as matters of national importance.

The minister also highlighted the need for both governments to comprehensively work hand in hand with press clubs because they are a one stop shop to journalists working towards a common goal.

Said Nankhumwa, “Just like what I said in the previous meeting of Parliament, I spoke of the need for government to explore a new working relationship with press clubs, in order to improve government -media working relationship as well as strengthen the extensive coverage of developmental activities that government and other institutions implements.”

He therefore assured the members of the two press clubs that government will do all it can to support their objectives while outlining his wish to see Mbeya Press Club entering into some more MOUs with other press clubs in the country like the Kabula and Bwaila.

In his remarks, leader of delegation who is also the Chairman of Mbeya Press Club, Benjamin Ulimboka Mwakilili said their main objective of the visit is to reciprocate what Nyika press club did in 2005when they visited the former.

On the other hand the visit according to Mwakilili aims at reviewing what the clubs agreed during their first meeting, this include issues of border trade and the Songwe Basin Project.

On Tourism, Mwakilili said there are several areas where the two countries through the two press clubs can cooperate.

Mwakilili said, “Tanzania is working on upgrading the tourism industry mainly in the northern and southern highlands of Tanzania which have many places of interest but are not exploited.”

He said, currently it is only the Northern part of Arusha and the Kilimanjaro Mountain which are the only tourist attraction destinations.”

The partnership between Mbeya and Nyika press clubs dates back  in 2003 when the two clubs signed an agreement to work together in the field of HIV/AIDS pandemic, protection of the environment, issues to do with cross border trade and the promotion of the tourism industry.



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